Top 10 Free: Business Books – May 30th 2014

Your 2 week update is coming in a hair early because I wont be posting on the weekend! Anyway version 2.0 here we go best free business books out there hope you enjoy. Brought to you by Top 10 Free.

1. How to Work For Yourself: One of the fastest paths to success is starting a new project like a business, blog, book or some other creative endeavor. Side projects can result in extra income, greater fulfillment and even a more enjoyable career. If you aren’t creating something in your spare time, you aren’t reaching your full potential. Unfortunately, most people can’t find the time, energy or correct life priorities to start and complete creative side projects. They keep putting off planning these projects, never finding out what they could have accomplished if they’d only created something.


2. Ready Aim Fire!: You’re stressed and overwhelmed. You’re a student, a parent, spouse, employee, and friend. But you still want to accomplish more—to lose some extra weight, start a business, or maybe even write a book. Can you achieve goals when often you just want a break? Absolutely! Ready Aim Fire! is the tool to give you focus and direction in a practical way.


3. Personal Budget: A financial advice book like no other. In order to achieve anything in life, to be the best at what it is you do or desire, requires the right kind of mindset. Personal Budget addresses this issue in the first chapter dealing extensively with how to reshape and repair your foundational dysfunction with money and develop the right mindset for success.


4. From Zero To Sixty: This books looks to give you two things regarding hedge funds, private equity, and other asset management firms. Two things that anybody can learn and then use to talk about with their friends and coworkers.


5. How To Start A Successful Blog In One Hour: In “How to Start a Successful Blog in One Hour” you’ll learn how to use WordPress to get a blog online in under an hour. Just follow this seven-step process and your brand new blog will contain: a theme, ten plugins and four tools for building an audience. The best part? The entire process will only take 60 minutes to complete.


6. Pinterest Savvy:Melissa Taylor, a top Pinterest influence with over 1.4 million followers, shows how to get started, gain skills, and market your business using Pinterest. Pinterest Savvy is practical, easy-to-read, and applicable for anyone who is ready to get started or get better on Pinterest.


7. Starting Your Own Business: This practical small business guide is full of real-world tips, advice and strategies for starting your own successful small business — even from home! Nevin shares his experience from starting and growing several small businesses, as well as his years of business counseling — working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, small businesses and students.


8. No B.S Real Estate Investing: WARNING: If you don’t want tons of money, fancy cars, big houses, and freedom in general, do not read this book! It is not safe for you. What would it be like to not have to go to work anymore? To wake up whenever you feel like it? To work when YOU want as opposed to when your boss wants?


9. Self Publishing Books 101: Self-publishing books has never been easier. With print on demand and eBook technology available to us, it has made the process of self-publishing available to anyone and everyone.  And there does not have to be huge upfront costs either.


10. 49 Quickest Ways To Market: With so many great resources on the web available for SMEs it’s difficult to find the marketing solutions that will work.
Sarah-Jane White has collated the best ones in this ebook for you to use as a guide, inspirational tool and if you just do one of the tips, once a week, you should increase your company’s visibility both on and offline in no time!

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