Top 10 Free: Best Free Online Games – June 2nd 2014

Top 10 Free Online Games

2014 Top 10 Free: Free Online Games June 2nd

We are Back! Man seems like everyone, ate up my post on free online browser games a while back. So here I am again and i am bringing simply The best Browser Games of the year 2014. Which is different from my other post. My other post was of all time. So Enjoy, brought to you by Top 10 Free.

Revenge Logo

2014 Top 10 Free: Free online Browser Games – Revenge Robots

1. Revenge Of The Robots: Surprisingly a Challenge until you get the hang of it then it becomes quite fun! Revenge of Robots is an electric shooter that requires nerves of steel. Why do robots want revenge? Don’t play dumb. We both know how you treat your computer. It’s probably plotting to overthrow you as we speak. Can you even trust what you’re reading right now!?!


bear brawler Logo

2014 Top 10 Free: Free Online Browser Games – Brawler Bear

2. Brawler Bear Arena: A beat-em-up fighter that disproves you can hug a bear to avoid its attack. Pull off some grizzly combos to beat your enemies like a park ranger who wants to steal your honey. Pretty Fun picture roman times gladiator with animals.


Stomach Surgery Logo

2014 Top 10 Free: Free Online Browser Games – Surgery Games

3. Surgery Games: Wow these games are intriguingly gross! You basically perform Surgery and they show everything and the process of how you did it. Things like brain surgery, tonsil surgery, stomach surgery, knee surgery and eye surgery. They are fun and disgusting!


 Zombo Logo

2014 Top 10 Free: Free Online Browser Games – Zombocalypse

4. Zombocalyspe: Okay so I cant believe I am just now finding this game! Basically it’s you vs. a horde of hungry, hungry zombies. Your goal: Make strategic use of limited ammo and health to stay alive (and unlock more powerful weapons). Tip: Call in an airstrike when things get too bitey.


KingdomRush Logo

2014 Top 10 Free: Free Online Browser Games- Kingdom Rush

5. Kingdom Rush: A tower defense game in which you have to build fortifications to fend off waves of ever-stronger bad guys. There’s a fantasy setting, which means archers, knights, wizards and so on are your staples as you attempt to hold back hordes of goblins, orcs, ogres and bandits, and as you progress you gain stars enabling you to upgrade your towers to counter the increasing threat levels. If you like your strategy games fairly casual and cutesy (not to mention free and not too time-consuming) Kingdom Rush fits the bill like a suit of tailor-made armor.



2014 Top 10 Free: Free Online Browser Games – QWOP

6. QWOP: The physics of walking on two legs is an astoundingly complex affair. Running is even worse – in essence it’s a barely-controlled fall. Because we’ve all forgotten when we learned how to do those things, we don’t think about the complexity of it all too much. QWOP brings it all back. This astoundingly frustrating game gives you control of a runner’s leg muscles using just four keys on your keyboard. You’ll no doubt be astounded to hear that they’re Q, W, O and P. The only objective is to not land on your bum. It’s practically impossible. Not a game you’ll return to again and again but certainly worth a look.


Wormfood Logo

2014 Top 10 Free: Free Online Browser Games – Wormfood

7. WormFood: Pick up momentum by accelerating through the soil, break through the surface and scoop up as many townsfolk as you can before the time runs out. Crashing into buildings and other obstacles slows you down, and in the later levels your prey have begun to fight back by planting land-mines in your path. About the best fun you can have being a worm.


Quake Logo

2014 Top 10 Free: Free Online Browser Games – Quake Live

8. Quake Live:Do you remember the turn of the century?  Every IT guy in the country was wasting half his working day checking that our computers weren’t going to fall prey to the mythical ‘millennium bug.’ And the other half was playing Quake III Arena.  The fastest, most kinetic, cartooniest, rocket-spammiest entry in ID’s Quake series was the big hit of the 1999/2000 PC time-wasting season. And now it’s back. And it’s free. Sign up. Install a plug-in. Make sure you’re not using Chrome. Then, if you’re a Mac user, move the plug-in you’ve just installed into the correct path. Wait as an auto-downloaded update wiggles into your cache folder. Delve into the preferences to see where they’ve hidden full-screen mode. And then it’s instant gratification.


10-bullets Logo

2014 Top 10 Free: Free Online Browser Games – 10 Bullets

9. 10 Bullets: There are countless button-mashing casual retro shooters out there. What makes 10 Bullets special is the paucity of ammunition. You have, as the title suggests, just ten projectiles to take down as many of the passing spacecraft as you can. The trick is to time your shots so that debris from the ships you destroy causes chain reactions in the surrounding craft. With careful timing and a little luck, you can take down entire formations of enemies with just one bullet. If you’re playing games while you should be working, you don’t want the clack-clack-clack of frantic keyboard bashing to give you away to any passing manager. The sound of someone playing 10 Bullets is indistinguishable from the thoughtful clicking of a very thoughtful writer. I know. I tried it.


OstrichRun Logo

2014 Top 10 Free: Free Online Browser Games – Ostrich Run

10. Ostrich Run: Have you ever played a game that’s so dumb that you actually enjoyed it!? This is the closest game I can relate to that description. I bet you will at least play it 2 times over!!


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