Top 10 Free: Best Free Business Books June 10th 2014

1. If You Will Lead: SAVE $30 Enduring Wisdom for 21st-Century Leaders provides readers with guidance for any sort of leadership journey. Whether you are a seasoned executive or just starting your first leadership role, this book will help you grow as a leader. Doug Moran starts by posing four critical questions for every reader to consider:1. Who am I? 2. What do I want? 3. How can I get others to make their own choice to follow me? 4. How can I earn and retain the privilege to lead? If You Will Lead helps each reader discover his or her own answers to these pivotal questions.


2. Running A Web Design Business From Home: You can run your own web design business from home – all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Working for a design company? Freelancing? Under-utilised, unappreciated or uninspired? This could be the book for you.


3. 100% Focused: Are you tired of reading the same page over and over and still not really comprehending what it is saying? Do you a hard time getting started on projects and staying focused? Do you feel like your mind is always on things OTHER than the job at hand? Problems with focus and concentration can really bring down your productivity and accuracy in everything that you do.


4. Journaling Keep a Journal and Experience: Are you looking for a unique way to express yourself and keep your thoughts flowing, but organized? Are you searching for a hobby that is both creative and intellectually stimulating at the same time? Journaling is a hobby that has been handed down through the ages. You can create a personalized journal for nearly anything in your life.


5. Reality Check: Life in Brazil through the eyes of a foreigner is an observation of life in modern Brazil. Mark Hillary is a British writer who moved to Brazil in 2010, bought a home, started a company, and has experienced the difficulties of navigating the legendary Brazilian bureaucracy as well as the joys of life with Brazilian people in a land of sport, sun, and endless beaches.


6. Amazing Amazon FBA: Here’s The Fastest And Easiest Way To Make Money At Home And Get The Life You’ve Been Dreaming Of You’ve found it. This is the best way to start a home-based business
that will pay your bills and give you more free-time than a part-time college student.


7.The Book of eBook Ideas: GET THE ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO COME UP WITH CREATIVE IDEAS FOR EBOOKS! If you want to learn how to create eBooks that stand out and have unique potential, this book will give you the vital information you need! In this book, Robert Bergin (author of The Secret Power of Information Publishing and other books) explains how to have creative ideas for eBooks to publish, and provides examples.


8. How to Make Your Writing More Interesting: GET THE CUTTING-EDGE STRATEGIES YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR WRITING! This book will give you the vital information you need to produce more interesting and successful writing! In this book, Robert Bergin (author of eBook Genius, The Secret Power of Information Publishing, How to Vary Your Writing, and other books) shows you everything you need in order to vary your writing effectively.


9. How to Make $100, 000 from your Hobby: Whether you are already run a hobby-based business, or you are just looking for the best, most profitable business to start, this book will give you the vital information you need! In this book, Robert Bergin (author of The Secret Power of Information Publishing and other books) shows you how to make $100000 by starting a hobby-based business.


10. Basic Economics for Students and Non-Students Alike : You can use this e-book to learn the concepts involved in economics whether or not you are comfortable with the graphs, math, and statistics that people normally associate with economics. Graphs are not included, but both the graphs and the concepts behind them are explained; only basic math is included, and you can even skim over the math and still come away with an understanding of the concepts; statistics is not included at all.

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