Top 10 Free: Best Free Christian Books June 12th 2014

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2014 Top 10 Free: Best Free Christian Books

1. Mama B – A Time to Speak: The good folks at Mt. Zion Baptist are doing their best to keep the church flowing smoothly while Pastor Phillips takes time off to be with his wife in her final days. Beatrice “Mama B” Jackson even opens her home so that the women’s groups can continue to meet faithfully after some “rascal” stole the copper from the church’s air conditioning unit. With her semi-estranged granddaughter and great-grandson staying in the guest room, Mama B soon has a full house.


2.  Forsaken Dreams: Embark on a seafaring adventure in a brand-new series from bestselling author MaryLu Tyndall. After witnessing the death and destruction caused by the Civil War, Colonel Blake Wallace is eager to leave his once precious Southern homeland for the pristine shores of Brazil and the prospect of a new utopian community. Widow Eliza Crawford seeks passage on Wallace’s ship harboring a dirty secret—and a blossoming hope for a fresh start. But will dangers from the sea and from man keep them from the peace and love they long for?


3.  Shattered Rose (Winsor Series Book 1) : “For any girl who has struggled to love herself.” –T.L. Gray- Avery Nichols knows how to wear the mask. Perfect student, perfect daughter and perfect friend. Nobody would ever guess that inside Avery is a prisoner to her own self loathing. Then she meets him…and everything changes. Handsome, charming and self assured, Jake Matthews sweeps Avery off her feet in an effortless fashion. Avery knows that Jake is everything she needs and all she has ever wanted.


4. Five Things Every Christian Needs: How do I pray? How do I study the Bible? How do I worship? How do I serve? How do I become a good steward? These are the questions every Christian should be asking. The answers are what every Christian needs to know. In Five Things Every Christian Needs to Grow, acclaimed theologian Dr. R.C. Sproul guides his readers through the basic training of Christianity and reveals the five most vital fundamentals of the Christian faith: Prayer, Worship, Service, Study, and Stewardship.


5. City Of God(Transgression): What if you were studying for your Ph.D. in archaeology and decided to take a break from your crummy life by working on an archaeological dig in Israel?
What if you met a great guy in Jerusalem who happened to be a world-famous theoretical physicist working on a crazy idea to build a wormhole that might make time-travel possible … someday?


6. Prayer Coach: What could be easier than prayer? It can be done anytime, anywhere, and in any situation. It doesn’t require special clothes or expensive equipment. In fact, it’s absolutely free. So why don’t more Christians have rich, full, deep prayer lives? In Prayer Coach, pastor James
Nicodem tackles this spiritual discipline, as he uses Scripture, practical applications, and
personal experience to help people overcome their prayerlessness.

7. My Disobedient Child: You’re about to discover how to successfully discipline your son or daughter using Christian Principles to get them back on the right path for life. As parents, it’s our ministry to lead our children to God and to raise them to become better people that contribute to society in a positive way and live in a manner that pleases the Lord.


8. The Precipice: Scan the headlines of any news outlet and it doesn’t take long to realize the world as we know it is teetering on the edge of extinction. What will it look like if it falls? This book is divided into three short stories designed to give you a glimpse into the possible outcomes if humanity falls over the cliff. Each story paints a vivid picture of an out-of-control oppressive government scrambling to maintain order. These “end times” futuristic scenarios may seem absurd until they are compared with modern events that clearly show the world is closer to the precipice than we care to admit.


9. Hope – Four Week Mini Bible Study: “Then I think about my own little desires. The desire that my husband would be completely healed from his disease, and how he is still suffering through this every day. It is all hurting my heart, and then I think about hope…”


10. Counting from Creation: One, two, three, four, who is it we adore? Five, six, seven, eight, He’s the Lord and He is great. Nine, ten, eleven, twelve, into His word we’ll delve. Learning basic life concepts and more about God can be fun and engaging, and that’s purpose of Counting from Creation. Join us on the journey that takes us from the garden to the manger and finally to the glory of heaven.

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