Top 10 Free: Free Websites To Watch World Cup

With The World Cup Underway many people may be excited to watch! So here are some links you can watch live! They are live stream meaning when the game is actually happening it will be being played. So first find out when the next game will be played in your time zone and then watch it !


~~~If you live in Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia, you can easily watch on 

1. CBC:

2. BBC:

3. SBS:

~~~And If you don’t. . . . .

4. iTV:

5. TvPlayer:

6.  ABC:

7. Univison:

8. Footy Fire:

~~~I could only Find These 8 But here are Two links with Great info. On the World Cup.

9. The Bleacher Report:

10. The Telegraph:


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